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1. Roll Don’t Fold
The best way to keep your banner in the best shape in-between uses is to roll it up instead of folding it. Rolling will keep it’s size down meaning it will take up less room in storage, but more importantly it will avoid having creases next time you use it!

2. Extra Protection
Because banners are easy to flatten and crumple, it’s always a good idea to add a little extra protection when possible. This could mean simply rolling it up with a layer of packaging paper around it, or for better protection putting it inside a tube or box. Make sure your banner is completely dry before you roll it up. Any dampness will contribute to mildew growth.

3. Temperature
It’s best to store your banners in a cool, dry location; getting too hot or too cold could affect how long your banner lasts. Of course banners are made to handle the elements, but if you’re able to minimize stress on the vinyl material you’ll be able to maximize the life span.


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